Messaging BOT

"With Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Facebook Messenger and Telegram"

Messaging BOT with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Facebook Messenger and Telegram

Speaking to investors Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg described bots as a way to increase the speed and efficacy of interactions between users and businesses on the Messenger platform. For instance, people already message businesses via their pages on Facebook, but need to wait for a reply — what Zuckerberg described as “latency.” With bots you get an immediate and intelligent interaction.

Artificial intelligence will play a central role in harvesting and mining the conversations between businesses and Messenger’s 900 million monthly active users. AI will help automate responses for users.


Be where your users are

Messengers are already bigger than

social networks (Business Insider*).

Great retention

It is easier to get loyal users due to

native interface and ease of use.

Easy to get in touch

No need to download and update

apps or collect emails.

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