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Chatbots as Part of a Responsive Web Design Are Essential for Modern Business

clock-iconAugust 17, 2019

A responsive web design has now become an essential tool for any person or business entity that want to grow a digital presence. This is mainly driven by the fact that almost everyone these days uses smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices - and they want to find the information or connect with people online instantly. This is where chatbots come in.

Chatbots: Taking Responsive Web Design to a New Level

Chatbots are slowly becoming part of the dynamics of a responsive web design. They are believed to exponentially flood the market by 2020. experts, We here at WebriQ definitely believe in the benefits that chatbots can bring to any Colorado Springs web design.

How Chatbots Work

By definition, a chatbot is an internet, artificial intelligence-driven program that handles online correspondents, be these emails or chats. In other words, a chatbot is somewhat a remote “secretary” that interacts with a business’ clients and replies to queries, orders, and other transactions based from a preset communication system. It then becomes a substitute for an actual customer service personnel.

Depending on the program, a chatbot can either respond to queries according to pre-programed keywords (simple chatbots) or can record and learn for future transactions (smart chatbots). The existence of artificial intelligence and responsive web design protocols are making the latter more practical as days go by.

Benefits of Chatbots


Chatbots, even in its conventional form, has helped both startups and giant corporations incorporate and make the most out of both human-based customer service and automated transactions. But, as the technology advances, smart chatbots become the most viable tool for various businesses to thrive in a competitive market. Find out how entrepreneurs benefit from them.

  • When your company is receiving a large volume of requests on a regular basis, an excellently built chatbot is capable of handling them all simultaneously. Increasing your primary customer service workforce won’t be necessary so you can save money on operational costs. Also, chatbots allow timely product promotions and recommendations, which can definitely help your bottomline.

Chatbots Can Improve Sales and Customer Service

  • While chatbots are designed to answer specific questions from your customers, they can also use the information to know more about the customer’s preferences. Through this process, your clients will feel valued and will keep on coming back for your brand. Just make sure that you emphasize this function when talking to your web design Colorado provider.

Chatbots Can Record Specific Questions from Consumers

  • Compared to adding more people to your office, employing chatbots can give you more savings, depending on the application being used. Once they are installed, all you need to pay for is the cost of their maintenance and updates. And since there are many affordable options out there that still provides high value to your business, the savings can be considerable.

Maintenance Cost Is Low

  • As mentioned, most of your visitors will be asking the same question. Where is your location? How do you deliver? How much is the delivery cost? These are just some of those questions. When you incorporate a chatbot for your brand, you are reducing your employee’s workload. Not only that, you are giving your visitors a 100% response rate for their inquiries.

They Can Automate the Same Tasks to Minimize Time Spent for Every Task

  • Lastly, but not the least, chatbots can easily be integrated with whatever platform your clients prefer to communi

Chatbots Perfectly Fit a Responsive Web Design


Creating a Chatbot

When choosing a software development company that offers web design as a service, make sure that they also incorporate chatbots technology into your website. They should be updated with the latest tools in the market and integrated with effective digital marketing strategies. Take your time to conduct a little background check through online reviews and recommendations.

If you want to know more about chatbots and wish to use them as an invaluable tool for your marketing and customer service, you can Contact us or call us at +1 719 425 8944 (within the USA) and +61 2 8091 1980 (International).